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Snake shows are always popular. Snakebusters are the only Snake education shows in Melbourne with the following:
- The only snake show that allows the audience to hold lots of non-venomous snakes. Other companies only allow people to "get up close" but not hold.
- The only venomous snake display that also brings crocodiles, lizards, frogs, etc, and also allows everyone to hold these as well.
- The only snake show in Victoria performed by Australia's Snakeman Raymond Hoser or his expertly trained staff.
- The only snake show with all the deadly snakes including all local and world's top five deadliest snakes. Without these it is only half a snake show ... don't be fooled by claims to the contrary.

For the best snake show at your event, school or party, you need Snakebusters!

Please note that since 2006, the Victorian Worksafe Authority have enforced the OH and S Act of 2004 (enacted 2005)(see Section 32) demanding that venomous snakes shown in snake shows must be surgically devenomized for public safety. Snakebusters are the only Australian company that has spent the time and money to fit this criteria and hence are the only legal venomous snake show in Victoria. Anyone else is is a risk and illegal (if they dare to use venomous snakes). Don't have an accident and don't get fined (remember liability occurs even in the absence of an accident).

For the best of snake shows ... insist on the expertise of Snakebusters that only comes with a verifiable more than 30 years in the snake and reptile show business! With snake shows, dealing with novices who make false claims of expertise is a serious risk ... don't get bitten.

Snake show and Reptile shows bookings, inquiries, etc, please phone Melbourne
(03) 9812-3322 or 0412-777-211

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